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Mar 14, 2013 5:30pm PDT
impersonating government officials, demanding tax money before he could get the prize. how much money did your father end up giving? >> he lost over $85,000. >> reporter: 85,000? >> $85,000. it's devastating. >> reporter: listen to this. a sad exchange between a scammer and a woman named bea who's already shelled out more than $60,000. >> you have to pay the tax on the check before the check could be cashed. >> you keep asking for more money, more money. last night i went to bed crying. i don't have no money. the bills are coming. i don't have any oil. i'm freezing in here. it's getting cold now. >> you have to take care of the final payment, bea. just keep your trust in us now. >> reporter: and if the victims don't pay, the scammers are not above threats. >> there's nothing these scammers won't do. they're absolutely despicable. >> we want to put out the red flags of warning. >> reporter: so how do you protect yourself? if prize officials tell you to pay taxes before they give the money, it's a scam. >> you always tell us the same, pierre thomas on it again in washington. pierre, thank you. >
Mar 19, 2013 5:30pm PDT
are tough, not likely negotiatable. jant clara must waive it's hotel tax on the 350 rooms the staff will occupy, must waive 10% ticket surcharge going towards deck service, and waive a 35 cent per ticket fee for senior and youth programs and a parking cost that recoups costs for police services. santa clara says it will get reimbursed by the san francisco host committee its our intention walk away putting on a great show, doing a lot of work making sure that we come out whole in this process and... being reimbursed for efforts to make this successful event. >> giving a hotel tax break isn't as bad as this may sound. 350 rooms are involved at $150 nightly rate, tax is $14.25 a $5,000 loss per night revenue normally goes into the city's general fund. the general manager at the hilton santa clara thinks super bowl spending will more than offset that loss. >> the value that have event in this city and exposure we're going to get i think will more than makeup for anything lost. >> he's planning a 140 room addition to the hotel in time for the super bowl. with rooms going to be a premium
Mar 18, 2013 5:30pm PDT
official admits using tax money. tonight the one thing kept him out of prison. >> a management makeover at police headquarters. opd brass gets new responsibilities in the fight against crime. >> a step in california high speed rail project. the state can now proceed to borrow another $8 billion to build it. >> live on bart. to gauge reaction to letting bikes on board. >> he served the south bay as a county supervisor. he broke public trust. now, destined to serve time for the crimes committed. >> former santa clara county supervisor pleaded guilty today to charges of misusing taxpayer money. prosecutors say crimes were driven by gambling. vic lee is live with the latest. vic? >> this was the rise and fall of a popular politician. a second generation county supervisor took over his father's seat when he died. his gamble addiction got the better of him. tonight, today, his nightmare ended here at this court house. the disgraced former supervisor made no statements in court, never showed emotion, appearing with just his lawyer. no entourage. he stood before the judge as he read list of cha
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3